About Us

Thank you so much for visiting our new site!  If you are a returning customer, another huge THANK YOU for supporting us over the last 15+ years. YOU are the biggest reason we are still here in POP UP and ONLINE form.  Our goal is to stay connected with the community through participation in events, private parties, bazaars, and other venues that are a good fit for a POP UP experience. 

Are you interested in hosting a POP UP? We'd love to partner with you!  Here are some simple guidelines for our potential partners, but keep in mind, our interactive pop up experience will have to be a good fit for all parties involved. 

  • Organization or individual will market the event through social media, and any other online or mail outlets.
  • Set up will be completed by TPC staff, with ample time to create a fun interactive shopping experience.  
  • Payments will be taken by TPC staff.
  • Arrangements for any fundraising proceeds must be made prior to event date(s).
  • Private home parties must meet a minimum.  This will be discussed with each individual potential partner based on attendance. 

Who can host a POP UP?

  • Private Individual
  • Bazaars / Festivals
  • Organization
  • Salon / Spa
  • Companies
  • Sorority House / School

Other POP UP interests will be discussed via phone call. 

If you are interested in discussing a POP UP opportunity, please email info@thepinkchalet.com.